OpenJDK 7

Added by Igor Pashev almost 10 years ago

Dyson now supports entire Debian Java stack with OpenJDK 7!

There was a long standing problem with bootstrapping OpenJDK: it requires GCJ or OpenJDK itself. GCJ still hangs when compiling many files, so I could not build OpenJDK. Until I'd realised that I could try to use Oracle JDK. Luckily, it worked! I just needed to get Solaris Studio runtime (e. g. libCrun) and to create some missing libraries like; also I made symlinks from bin/amd64/* to bin/* for all tools in jre and jdk.

After applying a few patches ( ) I was able to compile OpenJDK 7 and then recompiled it with itself.

It works, it passes tests, it builds other java packages!


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