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10:25 AM Dyson New domain name
Starting from the beginning of *January 2024* (_not_ 2023) the site will be only available as
This inc...
Igor Pashev


01:50 PM Dyson Dyson with Vagrant
It is possible to spin up a VirtualBox machine using Vagrant. See
Some things...
Igor Pashev


01:15 PM Dyson Feature #179 (Closed): GNU ld should support -z allextract / -z defaultextract
Since Solaris is now supporting --whole-archive and --no-whole-archive LLVM moved to them. Igor Pashev
01:12 PM Dyson Bug #203 (New): ldd stopped working on shared libraries
... Igor Pashev
01:02 PM Dyson Bug #202 (New): isatty() return false for /dev/ptmx
isatty() returns false for /dev/ptmx (?), this cause failures in ttyname(slavefd) if opened with openpty() from libut... Igor Pashev


10:16 PM Dyson LLVM 8 and Clang
Built LLVM 8 (moving towards Rust). "The Patch": Igor Pashev


09:59 PM Dyson PyPy ported
The most serious issue was "operation priorities": :D... Igor Pashev
03:03 PM illumos packaging Revision 8c180b69: Update math.h-exclude-floatingpoint.h.patch
Igor Pashev
02:50 PM illumos packaging Revision 37db4fd6: libc: build libc first
So it is used for other libraries and binaries instead of the system
Igor Pashev
12:38 PM illumos packaging Revision 9c26757d: Put getloadavg to stdlib.h
Igor Pashev

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